RSF Violations in Gezira Continue 


Sudan Events – Follow-ups

The Rapid Support Militia (RSF) continued its violations in Gezira State – central Sudan, and carried out theft and looting of citizens’ cars from their homes in all the cities and villages nearby to Medani.

The militias have been desecrating the cities and villages of Gezira State since their invasion of Medani, mid of last month, and are committing serious violations in a repeat of the scenario of the Darfur region and the rest of the regions they attacked.

The Popular Resistance Committees said in a report today (Monday) that the militias continued to storm homes, terrorize families, women and children, and practice blackmail at gunpoint.

The Committees pointed out that markets, stores and homes continue to be robbed by gangs and thieves with the help of RSF, and the militias are carrying out massive arrest campaigns against civilians and exercising all kinds of torture against them.

The report confirmed that the militias stormed and looted many citizens’ homes, converting some of them into military barracks and placing snipers there.

It revealed that injuries and deaths occur as a result of the Armed Forces Air strikes in some neighborhoods of the city.

Regarding the health situation, the committees confirmed that all public and private hospitals, health centers and pharmacies in the city of Medani and most areas of the surrounding villages are completely out of service and most of them have been looted.

Meanwhile, it was announced that the kidney hospital would return to work partially and with less capacity as a result of the shortage of medical personnel and medicines, in addition to the scarcity and absence of many medicines after the RSF militia stole and destroyed many pharmacies and health centers.

The report forewarned to the scarcity and shortage of food and consumer commodities as a result of the looting of all markets and related stores. It said that most families do not have the daily food due to stop of work as a result of the war, which threatens disaster and famine.

The report stated that electricity and water stations have returned to work partially, with the continued up and downs of communication networks, difficulty of movement, and lack of internal and external means of transportation. Some shops have also begun to operate partially.

The Popular Resistance Committees warned the RSF Militias against trespassing on citizens and their property, and stressed that every criminal acts that occur in the region is the full responsibility of the militias and would be held accountable for them.

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