Militias Commit Rape Crimes in Gezira


Sudan Events-Follow-ups

The Rapid Support militia committed two crimes of rape and kidnapping against four girls in Gezira State – central Sudan, which it has been desecrating for several weeks now.

The “Sudan Violations” platform reported that the two horrific incidents that occurred in the Al-Masid area and the city of Wad Madani were reported today (Tuesday).

According to initial reports, the Rapid Support militia subjected a girl in the Al-Masid area to sexual assault, and also carried out other kidnappings in the city of Wad Madani, where three girls were kidnapped from a neighborhood, and so far their whereabouts or fate have not been known.

The platform warned that these horrific acts are crimes against humanity and violate the rights of women and girls, and cannot be tolerated. It stressed that these incidents must be investigated immediately and justice must take its course.

The platform called for intensifying international and local efforts to combat this heinous practice, hold those responsible for it accountable, and work to ensure the security and safety of society and protect victims from this type of violations.

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