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A specialized workshop recommended the need for combined efforts by Sudanese and Egyptian institutions to raise awareness and fight the dangers of drugs, particularly in light of the exceptional circumstances that the Sudanese are going through.

The workshop stressed that efforts should focus on youth groups along with the launch of a working protocol between the Isnad Initiative, the Egyptian African Women Foundation, the Fund for Combating Addiction and Drug Prevention in Egypt, and the National Committee to combat drugs in Sudan.

The Initiative to Support Sudanese Affected by the War took the form of training workshop on “The Role of Educational Institutions in Drug Prevention and Combating Addiction.”

During the workshop, a paper was presented titled “The causes and social impacts of drugs,” presented by Rabab Al-Muhaina, from the National Committee for Combating Drugs in Sudan.

The paper “Factors that lead to the spread of drugs among students” was presented by Dr. Ahmed Awad Al-Gamal.

In addition to a paper “The Experience of the Addiction Treatment and Prevention Fund in Egypt,” presented by Dr. Ibrahim Askar

Another paper on “Self-examination of students and drug prevention,” was presented by Hamdna Abdullah Al-Medani, Director of Al-Qabas Al-Munir Schools.

Dr. Bakhita Amin, Member of the National Committee for Combating Drugs, while commenting on the working papers and reflecting the experience of the Fund in Sudan, stressed the need to benefit from Egypt’s experience in this field.

The workshop recommended the need for forming a network of Sudanese educational institutions to develop an action program to raise awareness of the dangers of drugs in cooperation with the Isnad Initiative.

It called for empowering Sudanese youths and integrating them into training and employment programs, in addition to increasing cultural and sporting activity, and communication between the school and the students’ parents.

It also stressed the need for a focus on the media role in raising awareness about the use of modern media to strengthen religious morals among young people.

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