Hot Morning: Army Strikes in Khartoum

Agencies – Sudan Events

Eyewitnesses reported to Al-Sharq that this morning the army continued its bombardment on the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) positions in the capital, Khartoum. It shelled Mayo and Al-Azhari neighborhoods south of Khartoum, and columns of smoke rose from the Soba area south of Khartoum for the second day successively following an air strike carried out by warplanes on RSF positions in the region, while drones targeted military targets belonging to the “RSF” in the vicinity of the Armored Corps, Al-Sahafa and Jabra neighborhoods, south of Khartoum.
In the city of Omdurman, the army continued its advance into the city center and established several outposts in Al-Abbasiya, Al-Arbaeen Street, Al-Mawradah, Banat, and the Ombada areas, west of Omdurman.
Eyewitnesses also reported hearing explosions in the early hours of this morning in Omdurman as a result of army artillery shelling from the Wadi Saydna area the “RSF” positions in the Al-Thawra neighborhoods and the vicinity of the Al-Souq Alshabi.
Meanwhile, RSF fired artillery shells from their positions east of Khartoum towards army positions in the General Command and the Signal Corps in central and northern Khartoum.

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