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The musician Dr. Anas Al Aqib announced that in the first week of next February, Anas Al-Aqib will begin publishing his poetry collections on his Facebook page, where he wrote on Twitter: I have decided to publish my eight collections of poetry here on Facebook, on the condition that this publication requires the formation of a group of friends, colleagues, and interested people who will be keen on regularly publishing the poems, how to return them, and urging the expansion of the circle of contributions. Among my friends and their friends and groups, and I would love to be able to find friends of both sexes around the world.
In light of this approach and follow-up, we can publish my production on the largest scale. Rather, I imagine that institutions and sites will be attracted to us that contribute to expanding the circle of publishing to the greatest extent.
He added: Publishing in Sudan It is very expensive to the point of despair that drives away many writers like me, including writers, poets, critics, researchers, and others. Therefore, I can no longer wait for funding to come down to me from above.
And do not forget my many musical and lyrical works that have been waiting for their birth to be made public as life passes. Will you allow me to leave before I participate in what Allah has helped me with? To achieve it.

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