Sudan: RSF Militias Continued Violations

Sudan Events/Follow-ups

The Sudanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs has urged the international community to condemn the violations committed by the Rapid Support Militia and to move forward with procedures to classify it as a terror group.
The Janjaweed militia continued to destroy infrastructure, economic facilities and public facilities in the country, as part of its plan to eliminate the state institutions in Sudan. On Tuesday, the RSF militias burned the Sahel and Sahara Bank tower in Khartoum, which includes the bank building and a number of companies, commercial offices and branches of other banks.
In its statement, the Foreign Ministry considered that the tower, in addition to being a prominent landmark in the national capital, one of the institutions of the Community of the Sahel and Sahara, which includes 29 African states. Therefore, this terrorist crime represents an aggression against all member states of the group and the brotherly ties that bind their peoples, as stated above. The ministry pointed out that this was yet a new evidence of the terrorist nature of the militia.

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