White Nile: Fuel Crisis, Resolved 


Sudan Events – Rehab Abdullah

The Director of the General Administration of Public Transport and Petroleum in White Nile State, Abdul Basset Jaafar Ibrahim, announced the start of relief for the fuel crisis in the state.

He referred to the state government’s efforts to provide fuel from Port Sudan via the Kasala-Gedaref-Sinnar road, and confirmed the arrival of considerable quantities of gasoline to the state.

He revealed in press statements the arrival of ten thousand gallons of gasoline allocated for transportation to alleviate bottlenecks which were distributed to Neel Fuel Station in the Al-Souq Al Shabi, the New Neel Station, and Al-Asfaya in Kosti.

He confirmed that there are large quantities of fuel on its way to the state, which will contribute to ending the bottleneck and increasing the abundance of fuel both (Benzene and gasoline) in the White Nile State.

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