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Dary Festival of Culture and Arts, 5th Edition in Chad

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Delegations from 23 Chadian states met to showcase the cultural richness that the country abounds.

For the Dary Cultural Festival in its fifth edition in the courtyard of the Palace of Culture and Arts in the capital, N’Djamena, in the presence of the Minister of Culture, Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts, the Mayor of the Municipality of N’Djamena, a number of ministers. Diplomats and partners, the Government officials .

The Secretary-General of the Presidency of the Republic, Mohamed Ahmed Al-Habou, thanked the festival organizers, sponsors and partners, wishing that the largest number of Chadian dishes and dances would be accredited by UNESCO in the year 2024.

In his speech, the Minister of Culture, Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts, His Excellency Abkar Rozi Taqil, gave an introduction to the Dary Festival and what distinguishes the fifth edition from previous years, in which friendly countries participate.

Mayor of N’Djamena Municipality, Her Excellency Fatima Zahraa Hannana Douqa, pointed out the role of the Dary Festival in planting the spirit of brotherhood among Chadians in different regions.

The delegations represented the customs, traditions and heritage tools that express the nature of life in each region.

Chadian social life reflects a rich, and diverse culture with African, Arabic, and French influences. Several Ethnic groups follow different religions and customs. Sport and music play an integral part in uniting the country

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