Economist: Develop Traditional Mining

Sudan Events: Nahid Oshi

Economist Dr. Abdullah Al-Ramadi revealed that the yield of extracting gold from sand and rocks exceeded 28 grams per ton in Sudan (Karta-Residues), while the average extracted globally does not exceed 3 grams per ton, which is considered internationally acceptable. He said in a statement to (Sudan Events) that the average extracted from gold in Sudan constitutes a comparative advantage.
He stressed the need for the government to pay attention to the gold production sector and gradually develop private production to become an organized production
He underlined the need to provide health care to traditional miners as they work in conditions that pose a threat to their health to health. So, there should be health centers at mining sites, in addition to providing security, with the presence of state centers in mining areas.
He asserted that gold will be one of the sectors that generate the most income for the state and advance the national economy

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