Mining Areas Service Projects, Launched

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The Director of the office of the Sudanese Mineral Resources Company Limited (SMRC) in Gadarif State, Omer Malik Awad Al-Karim, stressed that importance of coordination with native leaders and communities hosting mining activity to remove obstacles facing the work. During his meeting with the Chief of all Shukriya tribes, Nazir/ Ahmed Mohammed Abusin, he explained (Thursday) the  Company’s Senior Management interest to stabilize mining activity and preserve the rights of local communities as part of social responsibility, in addition to increasing production, maximizing revenues, and preserving the environment and human safety. The director of the company’s office in Gedaref State announced his support for the native leaders and committees gathered in implementing service projects in the Butana locality.
 For his part, the  Chief of all Shukriya tribes, Nazir /Ahmed Mohammed Abusin, announced his unlimited support for SMRC Limited and the companies operating in Gadarif State, stressing the cooperation of citizens and community committees with all parties related to mining activity to achieve benefit for all, and revealing efforts to implement service projects in the fields for various projects within their plan for the year 2024, in coordination with the state government and executive bodi.
Abusin pledged to facilitate work in the mining markets in coordination with the native administrations and partners in the mining process.

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