Sinja Market Activities Run smoothly

Sudan Events – Nahid Oshi
The Acting Governor of Sinnar State, Tawfiq Mohammed Ali Abdullah, said daily market activities in Sinja town are normal, with abundance of commodities and strategic goods, which indicates the return of life to normal in Sinja, thanks to efforts exerted by the regular forces and the security services and the Locality.
He said during his field inspection of the progress of work in Sinja Grand Market the governor said Sinnar State is well prepared and that it would not be subject any activities undermining its security at the hands of evil, announcing the state’s readiness to arm all citizens capable of carrying arms and allowing them to license the weapons they possess for personal protection in order to defeat anyone who dares seek to undermine the security of citizens.
Major General Osman Ismail, commander of the 17th Infantry Division in Sinja, praised the efforts of the Executive Director of Sinja locality in stabilizing the situation inside the Sinja market and securing services and commodities for the people.

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