Petroleum Department: Gas Subsidy, Lifted


Sudan Events – Rehab Abdullah

The Director of Petroleum Department in Sinnar State, Haider Ibrahim, said he expects tlcooking gas prices would increase significantly after lifting of subsidues in the current fiscal 2024 budget. Haider confirmed that the gas stock in his state is small.
Haider acknowledged in press statements that the situation of benzene in the state is equally weak, as 4,700 gallons arrived from Port Sudan, noting that the price of a gallon had risen to 7,800 pounds. He attributed this to the suffering of truck owners on the road due to war conditions.
Haider has however said he expects large quantities of trucks loaded with benzene to arrive in the coming days, thus leading to an end for the crisis.
Regarding the gasoline situation, he said that it is excellent, as 38,600 gallons have arrived, as the Petroleum Administration is witnessing a tireless activities to distribute harvest gasoline to farmers.

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