Gezira: Farmer Warns against Famine


Sudan Events – Rehab Abdullah

Kamal Sari, a farmer in the northern section of Gezira Scheme, warned of a famine in Sudan mainly because of the Rapid Support Militia’s (RSF) violations in the Scheme, which resulted in cessation of agricultural activities and administrative operations.

Sari said in statement to (Sudan Events) that the attack against Madani area, including Barakat, which houses the Headquarters of the Gezira Scheme, has created a major vacuum in the progress of the agricultural process for the winter season, which threatens the occurrence of famine in Sudan. The invasion and looting of Barakat’s warehouses, which contain agricultural inputs such as fertilizers, seeds and pesticides, exacerbated the Scheme’s problems, indicating that the absence of management and its withdrawal outside the Scheme increased the confusion and complexity of the scene.

Sari added that now all farmers are frustrated as a result of the lack of inputs and the lack of security to practice their agricultural activity, stressing that this negatively impacts the outcome of production and productivity for this season, in addition to the absence of irrigation and the lack of water in the canals, which will lead to crop destruction and the exit of most farmers from the production cycle.

He denounced the militia’s invasion of the Scheme and said, “There is no reason for the Gezira Scheme to be used as a war field.” He added that the Scheme is agricultural and its people are farmers who make a living from agriculture to raise their children, and they have nothing to do with what is going on in the minds of politicians. He stressed that targeting it in this way has negative economic consequences on Sudan in general, and the weak farmer will bear the negative consequences of debts accumulation. He further warned that Sudan will thus lose one of its most important economic tributaries if the current situation persists.

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