Northern State Dissolves FFC Committees

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The Governor of the Northern State, Abdeen Awadallah, has issued a decision dissolving the service and Forces of Freedom and Change (FFC) committees in his state’s neighborhoods, villages, hamlets, markets, industrial zones, and Freedom and Change Coordination.
The decision issued on Saturday directed the inventory of all fixed and movable assets, documents, trusts, and seals of the dissolved committees, and their seizure and detention through the executive directors of the localities.
The decision also ordered that all bank accounts and funds deposited in them in the name of the dissolved committees be seized and not disposed of.
It stipulates that local executives form steering committees in neighborhoods, villages, hamlets, markets and industrial areas with not less than five members and not more than nine.
The decision established principles and criteria for selecting members, including that the members should be of Sudanese nationality by birth and not holding any foreign passport, and must be a permanent resident of the region, at least 18-year-old, and must not have participated in membership in previous committees or the FFC Coordination Committee, and must not have been convicted of a crime of Honor and honesty.
It stipulates that youth, women, war veterans, farmers, merchants, mobilization supervisors, imams and preachers be represented in committee membership as the case may be, provided that discharge and assignment take place within 72 hours from the date of issuance of the decision.
The Governor’s decision directed the General Secretariat of the government, localities and relevant authorities to take all measures for implementation.

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