Popular Resistance: Arresting RSF Foreign Cell


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The Sudanese Popular Resistance said that its members in Khartoum State contributed to providing security information, which led to the arrest of a foreign cell assisting the rebel Rapid Support militias.

A military force from the Sudanese Armed Forces Intelligence Division succeeded in arresting a mercenary cell operating with high-precision devices in managing military operations against the army and killing civilians. The cell exploits a building in the old neighborhoods of Omdurman as a site for intelligence and managing communication between mercenary groups inside and outside the capital, especially in moving the support forces that It moves according to the combat needs of the militias.

The “Popular Resistance” Facebook page quoted the commander of the military force from the Intelligence Division as saying that the cell was uncovered by the Popular Resistance Youth Forces in Omdurman, which works side by side with the armed forces.

He added that, under their guidance, the headquarters was raided and all members of the African Janjaweed mercenaries and their apparatus, including Libyan nationals, were arrested.

Military intelligence sources confirmed that the youth of the popular resistance in Khartoum State provided important and extensive security and intelligence information about the secret locations of the militia, mercenaries, and their collaborators as well. They said that this information will accelerate the cleansing of the triangular capital from the rebels and their mercenaries soon.

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