RSF Fascist Militias

By Amjad Fareed
It has been ten days after the Hamdok-Hemedti agreement was reached between Taqadum and the Rapid Support Forces Militia.
Is there any update regarding the execution of the humanitarian commitments outlined in the initial part of the agreement, which are to be carried out by the militia in the territories under its jurisdiction?
Are there any updates about the liberation of the 451 incarcerated prisoners? Has the militia implemented any efforts to establish humanitarian corridors for the passage of relief supplies in the areas under its control, as it had promised? Has any action been made to make the situation suitable for the repatriation of residents to their homes in Khartoum, Darfur, Kordofan, and Gezira, or for the eviction of the militia members who have taken over these homes?
Were the results of the agreement solely confined to Yasser Arman’s report of the stability and security of the situation in Rufa’a, alongside Rasha Awad’s statements in support of the Janjaweed and their denial of any wrongdoing?
Does this agreement genuinely aim to advance the well-being of the Sudanese people and effectively halt the war, or are the humanitarian provisions and commitments that are not evident in practice merely a facade for the political agreement that we see by the Taqadum leaders?
The accompanying document contains the provisions outlined in the first section of the Hamdok-Hemedti agreement. It is intended for the members of the RSF/FFC readiness rooms, who will talk about the Kizan and the other elements of the previous regime. This pertains to the responsibilities of the militia as outlined in their agreement with Taqadum.
The fact remains simple and clear, RSF is a fascist militia.

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