Sudan Apologizes for Attending IGAD’s Summit


Sudan Event – Follow-ups

The Government of Sudan announced that it has received an invitation from IGAD to attend a summit in the Ugandan capital, Kampala, January 18, to discuss the Somali problem and the developments in the Sudan.

The Sudanese government said in a statement issued on Saturday, that it has continued to deal positively with all initiatives, particularly IGAD’s efforts to reach peace in Sudan. However, IGAD did not commit to implementing the outcomes of the recent summit in Djibouti, including a meeting between the President of the Sovereign Council and the leader of the rebellion, and failed to provide a convincing justification for canceling that December 28, 2024, meeting, which was called for by IGAD under the pretext that the rebel leader was unable to attend for technical reasons while he was touring a number of IGAD countries on the same date.

The statement added that, accordingly, the Government of Sudan believes that there is no need to hold a summit to discuss Sudan’s issue before implementing the outcomes of the previous summit.

The statement underlined that the Sudan reaffirms that what is happening in the country is an internal matter, indicating that its response to regional initiatives does not mean relinquishing its sovereign right to resolve Sudanese problem by Sudanese people.

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