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“Umbroro” Tribe A complex History of Tradition 

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Decades ago, the Umbroro tribe came from West Africa to Sudan and settled in various regions, including South Darfur, South Kordofan, Blue Nile, and some states of South Sudan. Their origin goes back to the nomadic Fulani tribes from Nigeria, Mali, and Cameroon, and they call them the Red Indians of the African continent.

With distinctive dances, simple housing, and adaptation to difficult life conditions, the Sudanese Umbroro tribe adheres to its customs and traditions that go deep into the roots of the history of the tribes on the African continent.

Most of the Umbroro tribes live in South and East Darfur, the Blue Nile and on the border with Ethiopia, and some of them are still in South Sudan.

Their legend says that they are the descendants of a person who emerged from the sea with distinctive, purebred Korean cows, which everyone knows by their horns. He taught them and instilled in them a love for shepherds, especially cows. The origin of the name of the Umbroro tribe is in relation to a branch of the tribe that was famous for raising a type of sheep called the Umbroro , over time it became the name of the tribe. They also speak the language of their tribe of Fulani origin, in addition to various local dialects.

The Umbroro tribe is famous for its shepherds, they do not prefer to sell their cows, which are called Koreans, their cows are not bought slaughtered because they believe that if they are bought alive, they will return to their owner again, this is related to the magic that some members of the tribe perform through special rituals in which certain grasses are used that make them linked to their owner. They also teach it the sounds that make her recognize dangerous areas.


As for Umbroro’s marriage customs, they differ. Some say that the girl is kidnapped by her fiancé to his home.

There, a bull or a cow is slaughtered, and then his fiancée becomes his wife, but with the introduction of education, they began to deal with the Islamic way of engagement, marriage contract, and so on.

Some people saying that the Umbroro still maintain the ancient customs that the tribe brought from Nigeria and Cameroon, where the girl is engaged while she is a baby in her mother’s womb, and marriage and priority are given to relatives, including the daughters of a paternal aunt, paternal uncle, and paternal aunt.

The Umbroro tribes have distinctive folk dances based on hitting the ground with their feet and clapping accompanied by singing.

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