US: More Red Sea Attacks on Yemen


Sudan Events – Sumaya Sayed

A senior US military official has said more attacks by the Houthis are expected. The director of the US joint staff, Lt Gen Douglas Sims, told reporters in a virtual meeting that the Houthis had fired at least one missile already in response to the US-UK attacks.

As reported by the Qatar-based media network Al Jazeera, Sims said: “Their rhetoric has been pretty strong, and pretty high, and we expect that they will attempt some sort of retaliation. I would hope that they don’t retaliate, but we’re prepared in the event that they do.”

The Houthi movement threatened a “strong and effective response” after the United States carried out another strike in Yemen overnight, further ratcheting up tensions as Washington vows to protect shipping from attacks by the Iran-aligned group.

The strikes have added to concerns about the escalation of the conflict that has spread through the region since the Palestinian Hamas and Israel went to war, with Iran’s allies also entering the fray from Lebanon, Syria and Iraq.

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