Minister: Medicines, a National Security Matter

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The Acting Federal Minister of Health, Dr. Haitham Muhammad Ibrahim, affirmed his ministry’s commitment to provide necessary support and encouragement to the national pharmaceutical industry to achieve pharmaceutical abundance and ensure the continuity and quality of local drug production, describing the drug issue as a matter of national security.
He stressed during the meeting (Sunday) in the Great Hall of the Red Sea Company, that the interest in the national pharmaceutical industry to create pharmaceutical abundance has attracted local and foreign investments to manufacture medicines that will contribute to alleviating the burden on the state in spending foreign currencies.
He pledged to remove the obstacles facing the national industry and find radical solutions, pointing out to the importance of consulting all relevant parties while planning and resolutely enforcing all procedures that help in manufacturing and importing medicine, reassuring manufacturers and importers that the state cares about the issue of providing medicine supply.The Minister pointed out that he visited the free zone in the Red Sea State and studied how to benefit from it to establish national factories and storage capacity, to achieve pharmaceutical abundance urgently.
The Minister of Industry, Mahasen Ali, affirmed her ministry’s support for the localization and development of the pharmaceutical industry in the country, pointing out the development of clear plans and programs to implement this process, explaining that the pharmaceutical industry contributes to bridging the existing gap of medicines not manufactured locally and ensures the availability of good national medicines with reliable safety and effectiveness at a reasonable price for the users.
She announced that a forum would be held with drug manufacturers and importers in the near future, noting that the drug issue is a national issue, calling on factory owners to return and work to continue the national drug manufacturing process.
The Minister of Trade and Supply, Al-Fateh Abdullah Youssef, committed to removing all hurdles facing pharmaceutical manufacturers and importers, referring to their meeting with the Arab Republic of Egypt and working to revive national manufacturing.

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