Radiotherapy Services No Longer Available


Sudan Events – Nahed Oshi

  1. The Family Planning Association in Sudan has complained that all outlets providing radiotherapy services have been eclipsed as one of the consequences of the expansion and prolongation of the war.

The Executive Director of the Family Planning Association in Sudan, Al-Shafi’ Muhammad Ali, said at the inauguration today of the association’s integrated clinic in the Nile River State that the association seeks to enhance reproductive health under complex security conditions after the service hospitals in the states of Gezira and Khartoum are no longer available.

He stressed that they are in communication with the partners of the regional office to prepare a plan related to referral of humanitarian cases.

The head of the Nile River Family Association, Kawthar Muhammad Ibrahim, indicated that the center will be provided with the latest advanced equipment and staffed with medical personnel that meet the needs of expatriates, and that the general plan targets major health projects for reproductive health in the Nile River.

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