Sovereign Council Reviews Security and Economic Challenges


Port Sudan – Follow-ups

The Sovereign Council on Sunday held a meeting chaired by Lieutenant General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, President of the Council, in the presence Vice President Malik Aqar and two members of the Sovereign Council, Lieutenant General Shams al-Din Kabbashi and Lieutenant General Engineer Ibrahim Jaber. The meeting discussed the current situation, especially the security and economic situation, and the efforts made to achieve security, stability and peace in Sudan.

The meeting touched on the repercussions of the IGAD summit in Uganda on the 18th of this month and Sudan’s views and stands on the matter.

The Council stressed the importance of implementing the outcomes of the last summit held in Djibouti on the matter of convening a meeting between the President of the Sovereign Council and the leader of the rebel militia, noting that the Government of Sudan believes that there is no need to hold a summit to discuss Sudan’s issue before implementing the outcomes of the previous summit.

The Council also renewed the government’s commitment to deal positively with all initiatives, especially regional efforts to reach comprehensive peace in Sudan, believing that what is going on in Sudan is an internal matter, stressing that the solution to the Sudan problem should be solved by the Sudanese themselves, away from external interference, praising the citizens’ solidarity and their support for the armed forces in their war against the rebel terrorist militia.

The meeting also discussed economic issues related to living conditions of the people and the government’s efforts to secure food and medicine for citizens in light of the circumstances the country is going through, especially the areas where the rebellion has caused devastation, looting, and theft of private and public property.

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