Sudan Briefs UN on Health Situation 


Sudan Events – Follow-ups

The Federal Minister of Health, Dr. Haitham Mohammed Ibrahim has emphasized that the health sector in Sudan, its institutions as well as the drug supply systems, have been greatly affected by the war and its repercussions in more than one state.

The Minister told visiting UN official that the continuation of the war for nearly a year, in addition to the transfer of the war from Khartoum to the Gezira, which will break the health system’s back if the situation is not addressed.

The Minister pointed out in press statements following a joint meeting between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Humanitarian Aid Commission with the Envoy of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ramadane Lamamra, yesterday, Saturday that the current health situation in the country and the risks facing patients, particularly those with chronic diseases, have been reflected, providing a comprehensive explanation to Ramtane Lamamra, praising his keenness to know the health conditions.

The minister said the Sudanese side has wished Lamamra success in his mission and that the United Nations will have an effective role in ending the security, health and humanitarian suffering, which the Sudanese people are experiencing as a result of gross violations of their basic rights and the consequences of homelessness and displacement caused by repeated militia attacks on areas of first displacement.

Minister explained to Lamamra the efforts made during the previous period to continue providing health services and the losses incurred by the health system, particularly in the pharmaceutical supply.

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