Blue Nile: Fiscal 2024 Budget Distribution


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The Governor of the Blue Nile Region, Lieutenant General Ahmed Al-Omda Badi, has issued directives on preparing a plan to implement the new budget. The governor has already signed the draft general budget documents for the region for the fiscal 2024.

Badi has called for controlling and rationalizing government spending in support of development projects and social protection projects.

Acting Director General of the Ministry of Finance, Dr. Jamal Babiker Ismail, has meanwhile revealed the items of the new budget, which included workers’ compensation at a rate of 23%, the purchase of goods and services at a rate of 22%, in addition to the acquisition of non-financial assets at a rate of 38%, and social benefits at a rate of 16%.

Ismail explained that his ministry is preparing the necessary policies to implement the new budget

He said that the financial resources in the budget included current federal transfers, capital transfers, and self-revenues, which amounted to 32%, in addition to grants from organizations 28%.

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