River Nile: Quantities of Fuel and Cyanide, Seized 


Sudan Events – Nahed Oshi

The River Nile State Anti-Smuggling Force seized 7 pick-up vehicles carrying fuel and large quantities of cyanide used in traditional mining.

The Director of the River Nile State, Major General Salman Mohamed Al-Tayeb, addressed the force that apprehended the culprits, Atbara, praising the professionalism and courage of the Anti-Smuggling Force in the state and its continued vigor and energy in protecting and safeguarding the security of the people in face of the economic war imposed on the country.

For his part, the Director of Combating Smuggling in the River Nile, Brigadier General Adam Omer Sabeel, renewed his determination to move forward in combating smuggling activities and confronting saboteurs and those who tamper with the lives of citizens, their health and economic security.

He appreciated the amount of support and assistance provided by the State Police Department to the Anti-Smuggling Department so that it can carry out its responsibilities in an optimal manner.

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