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Formation of the Dramatists Administration in Egypt

Sudan Events – Magda Hassan

Yesterday, Sudanese dramatists residing in the Arab Republic of Egypt met to form a mini-committee representing the “Theater and Children’s Department,” which will work within the artistic Administrations formed in the Union of Sudanese Artists in Egypt, which was established after the outbreak of war in Sudan with a generous grant from the President of the General Union of Arab Artists, Dr. Musad Fouda.
The membership of the Theater and Children’s Department included artist members, director Mohamed Alish, supervising director Hatem Mohamed Ali, the young artists and actress Wissam Salah, director Haitham Mohamed Nour, the artist, and actor Al-Tijani Mohamed Osman, supervising the children’s puppet theatre.
The drama meeting was attended by the Sudanese Artists Association House in Cairo, downtown.
The attendance was honored by Professor Zainab Abdullah, Dr. Saleh Abdel Qader, and some of the pioneers of the Sudanese theatrical movement, the well-known professor Al-Jasad Al-Khair Akoud and Professor Awad Hashem, who volunteered to help in the project and share their experience as consultants and experts who help the union in Developing plans, training courses, and practical workshops in various fields of theater art.
It is worth noting that the Union of Sudanese Artists in Egypt is a civil, artistic, service entity that works on artistic and cultural participation, exchange, and interconnection, opening windows with Egyptian artists, and trying to cooperate and create great partnerships that frame Sudanese-Egyptian relations.

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