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Wardi and Shamo and Others: RSF stealing of history and memories


Sudan Events – Magda Hassan

A while ago, Dr. Mohamed Saif Ali, Professor of Music at the College of Music and Drama, said in a private interview that great harm has befallen the people of music.

After they lost what they owned, they also lost their musical instruments with which they work, their research, their singing, all their memories, and a number of music schools and popular institutes, all of which lost their musical instruments.

Pink oud

But yesterday, things were different when the son of the late Mohamed Wardi, Africa’s first artist, wrote angrily about the theft and sale of his father’s oud by the Rapid Support Forces RSF.

He wrote a post on his Facebook page in which he said: “This oud is a ginga from my father’s house (a thousand mercy and light) in the world.” Aziz saw my supporter who was playing tricks on him. He said, “Yes, they are selling my lengths, of course.” He said, “Yes, they bought them and sent me the photo.” I sent it along with other photos of my brother Montaser Wardi, and we were completely certain that this was the master’s oud. The oud was in the storeroom as long as they arrived at the storehouse. It means the rest of the house. “

Eat in the news.” Oh Janja, the house. “Eat.” The professor’s pictures, Kafi, are not pink. No, their name is “Taqash,” did you think about it before? “No, did you take pictures or sing it?” boxy)

They do not know the dictionaries

Abdel-Wahab Wardi said in an exclusive interview with Sudan Events that his sister (Julia) was residing in his father’s house in the Maamoura suburb at the beginning of the war, and the difficulty of the situation forced her to leave after ten days of the war.

Then the support people occupied the house and resided in it, then the news stopped completely, and after the conditions calmed down a little, we began to receive information, the latest of which was the theft of the entire house and the loss of valuables.

The musician Abdel-Wahab Wardi himself fled to the city of Wad Medani, and when it became permissible, he and his family left it for the city of Port Sudan with difficulty. Abdel Wahab said that the Rapid Support Forces are not concerned with artistic heritage and do not know stature.

Loss of heritage

And true to this hadith, months ago, the Rapid Support militia also invaded the home of Professor Ali Shamo, the prominent media figure in Al-Safia, and all his safes, which contained his audio-visual library and manuscripts that represent the memory and heritage of the Sudanese nation, were looted. His car was also stolen.

This is something that Ali Shamo regretted, especially his memories. His professional history

Looting memories

Since the first month of the war, members of the Rapid Support Forces have been documenting their entry into homes and describing everyone who finds their home beautiful as a “cob.” A video has circulated in the circles in which they display sports cups and medals claiming that they are made of gold and that it is the house of a cob.

The son of the late Al-Merreikh club player Sami Ezz El-Din stated that the Rapid Support Forces stormed their private apartment in the Al-Nasr complex and looted all its contents.

Mutasim Sami stated that the forces stole Mandela and Cecafa’s medals and all the memories and history of the late father.

House fire

About a month ago, the artist Nada Al Qalaa posted on her Facebook page a picture of a fire that broke out in her house in the Jabra suburb, with a brief comment: “May I sacrifice for you, Sudan, and God suffices me, and He is the best disposer of affairs.” She did not clarify who was responsible for the fire, and some said that the Rapid Support Forces were the ones who burned down the artist’s house. Others pointed to military aviation.

It is noteworthy that the Rapid Support Forces published a video documenting their presence inside the artist’s beauty center, which was vandalized, and they sent her messages through it. During the recent period, Al-Qalaa announced that the Rapid Support Forces stormed its house under the pretext of the presence of snipers inside the house, and the entire house was stolen, vandalized, and those in the house were threatened with weapons. The same situation was repeated at the Nada Al-Anbar Center under the pretext of the presence of devices inside the building.

It is noteworthy that the artist Nada Al-Qalaa remained supportive of the Sudanese army through her songs and her solid positions, which created a clear hostility for her with the Rapid Support Forces.

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