White Nile: Fuel Crisis, Resolved

Sudan Events – Nahid Oshi

The White Nile State government has announced the resolution of the petroleum derivatives crisis in the state and the provision of significant quantities of gasoline for agriculture and services, which will lead to the return of movement in the state’s markets to normal as well as the flow of transport and communication throughout the state.
The Director of the Department of Public Transport and Petroleum in the state, Abdul Basit Jaafar Ibrahim, praised the efforts made by the Governor of White Nile and his close follow-up of the flow of petroleum products to the state through the Supreme Committee for the flow of strategic commodities in the state as well as the security services, which succeeded in providing strategic commodities including petroleum materials.

He said that the state was able to manage the crisis it went through in the recent period due to fuel by distributing stocks of gasoline and gasoline for basic needs in humanitarian emergencies, health and agriculture.

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