CAF Warns Referees of Match-Fixing

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The Confederation of African Football (CAF) held a special meeting with the referees of the 2023 African Nations Championship in Ivory Coast, during which it warned of the danger of match-fixing and the legal consequences.

According to the Confederation of African Football (CAF) website, 68 referees, assistant referees and video referees were sensitized on this issue, to ensure fair play during the continental tournament.

The head of the refereeing and technology committee, Desiree Nomandes Doy, said: “The referees participating in this edition are considered the best on the continent, and it is important to ensure that they understand the issues in the largest event on the continent. The values ​​of integrity are necessary to preserve the beauty of the game, even with exceptional field training.”

The meeting was chaired by Felix Magani, Director of Legal Affairs at CAF, who explained the importance of respecting integrity in football, warning referees of the dangers of match-fixing and the legal consequences of participating in such activities.

Magani told the referees, “CAF has intensified its fight against match-fixing, with a particular focus on respecting the values ​​of integrity. Our goal was to remind the match officials not to compromise on these values ​​throughout the competition.”

He added: “As the person in charge of the match, the referee is the main target of the match fixers, who try to offer all kinds of rewards to get a result in their favor. We are happy with the exchanges and the enthusiasm with which the referees actively participated in the session.”

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