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Human Rights Expert: “Urgent Action” in Sudan


Sudan Events – Follow-ups


The United Nations expert on human rights in Sudan, Radhouane Nouicer, has denounced the deteriorating human rights situation in the country as the brutal armed conflict enters its tenth month.

The expert intends to visit Port Sudan next February, before the 55th session of the Human Rights Council scheduled to be held in March.

In a press statement on Wednesday, Noisser urged the leaders of both sides to the conflict to put an immediate end to the violence, ensure the transition to civilian rule, and respond to the calls of the civilians demanding peace and justice.

He said that as fighting between the Sudanese Armed Forces and the Rapid Support Forces spread across the country that violations of human rights and international humanitarian law continued unabated. He added that it is necessary for the leaders of both parties to show more political will to end the violence and silence the guns.

He noted that more than 7.6 million people have been displaced, including more than 1.5 million to neighboring countries, and that at least 25 million people are in need of assistance, including 14 million children.

The expert revealed, during his meetings with representatives of Sudanese civil society, that he received horrific reports and testimonies about human suffering, and denounced the worsening violence resulting from ethnic motives and hate speech, especially in Darfur, where the Rapid Support Forces and the Arab militias allied with them repeatedly attacked the Masalit in Darfur, western Sudan.

He called on both parties to ensure a prompt and comprehensive investigation into all violations and abuses of international human rights law and international humanitarian law and to hold those responsible accountable.

The expert also called for ensuring that humanitarian aid is delivered to civilians in a safe, effective and unhindered manner.


Today, Sudan which is among the most fertile lands, is running out of food, and 18 million people are facing acute hunger, he said.

He called on the Government of Sudan to take concrete steps to ensure that adequate aid reaches all those in need and to facilitate the arrival of humanitarian aid convoys to those affected.

The expert called on the international community to cooperate to adopt a consistent, comprehensive, unified and coordinated road map that contributes to ending the violence and supports a Sudanese national dialogue in which civil parties and groups, including women’s and youth associations, participate to transfer power to a civilian-led transitional government.

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