Ministry of Health: Avoid Chemically Treated Wheat


Sudan Events – Rehab Abdullah

The Sudanese Ministries of Health, Interior, Livestock, Agriculture, and the Sudanese Standards and Metrology Authority, and the Supreme Council for the Environment, have warned against the use of chemically treated wheat after Harvest Company announced that its stores containing these seeds had been looted.

The Ministry of Health has underlined that it is unsuitable for human or animal use, and called in the joint statement to avoid it completely because it is used as seeds. It stressed that exposure of citizens to these seeds by eating, touching, or inhaling leads to chemical poisoning, which may cause complications, including kidney failure and cancer, which lead to death.

It called on the concerned authorities to expedite the preparation of diagnostic and treatment protocols and health messages and to raise the sensitivity of monitoring systems.

It further directed people , if symptoms appear due to ingestion, to go immediately to the nearest health unit.

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