Nahr Nil Gold Refinery Within Six Months

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The Director of the Sudan Gold refinery, M. Abdul Habib Abu Al-Qasim Abdul Habib, has announced that a fold refinery will be established in Nahr Nil state of northern sudan within the coming six months
The Director has pointed out to ongoing efforts to establish the gold refinery in the state, commending the actions taken by the state government in providing the necessary facilities including the site a site to establish the refinery, especially since this state is one of the leading gold-producing regions.
He indicated during his meeting today with the Minister of Production that the arrangements for importing equipment have been completed and that work in the refinery will begin in six-month time.
Meanwhile the Minister of Production, Engineer Salah Ali Muhammad, confirmed that the state government pays close attention to investment which it encourages for the development of the region , reviewing the advantages of the state and the successful experiences of many investors who have begun production and are preparing for the start of their work, indicating that the state government has provided facilities to investors by reducing the cost of certification to 50% to encourage investment and investors. He considered the establishment of a gold refinery in the state a step to move the wheel of the economy through serious investment that will benefit the whole region.

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