Sexual Violence Report in Gezira, RSF Implicated

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The Unit for Combating Violence against Women and Children in Sudan on Thursday revealed that it has received “reliable reports” of at least two cases of sexual violence in Gezira State following the Rapid Support Militia’s control of the state, a month ago, in December 2023.
The unit said in its latest report that it could confirm that there had been cases of threats of sexual violence and blackmail against civilians from “Rapid Support” members in various areas of the state.
The Unite has expressed its deep concern about the expansion of “rapid support” in the villages and cities of Gezira, and said that this represents a direct threat to women and girls who were unable to leave the state, especially with the lack of health services, which means the inability to provide the necessary aid and necessary health services to survivors of violence, gender-based violence once it occurs, and the inability to register cases in official offices and take the necessary measures to preserve the rights of survivors.
The unit condemned the expansion by “rapid support” of the war to non-military areas which meant expansion of the scope of violations against civilians, especially women and girls, and warned against continuing to expand the circle of war, because it means that there will be no safe haven for women and girls in Sudan.
The Unit expressed it deep regret and concern about the ceasing of health services in Wad Madani, the capital of Gezira state, as a result of its falling into the hands of Rapid Support Forces militias, which complicated the challenges of the unit and its partners in providing services in response to call by survivors of gender-based violence.
It pointed out that the city was a major center for providing services even to survivors referred from Khartoum and neighboring areas.
The unit called on institutions and individuals who helped survivors of sexual violence to communicate with the unit to ensure that violations are officially documented and submitted to relevant international and regional organizations.

The unit has stressed that there was no point in demanding the “Rapid Support” to refrain from violations against civilians, and called on the United Nations and international and regional organizations concerned with women to carry out their duties in pressuring the leaders of the “Rapid Support” to adhere to international humanitarian law, stop violations by their members against women and girls in areas controlled by their forces, and ensure those involved are held accountable and brought to courts of law.

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