Expert Criticizes Private Sector Fuel Import Monopoly 


Sudan Events – Rehab Abdullah

Sudanese economist Dr. Mohammed Al-Nayer has criticized the government for abandoning the task of importing petroleum derivatives “benzene, gasoline and gas” to private sector companies which in turn control prices and raise them to burden the citizen.

Al-Nayer considered in statement to (Sudan Events) on Saturday that in light of the current circumstances, the state was supposed to have a role in this vial issue, given the circumstances the country is currently experiencing.

He said the government is expected to reduce the burden of living, indicating that if it had taken over the matter of importing petroleum derivatives, it could have saved at least 30% of the current price of fuel.

Instead, he argued, the fuel prices have been raised significantly, exceeding 200% in some states and even much higher in others.

It is to be noted that a number of states, including Kasala, Port Sudan, and Khartoum, have announced a significant increase in cooking gas prices. Khartoum state has announced the lifting of subsidies on cooking gas altogether.

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