The Sudanese Football Association meets in Abidjan

Abidjan – Sudan Events

The Board of Directors of the Sudanese Football Association will hold a meeting this afternoon, Saturday, via video conference technology, headed by Dr. Mutasem Jaafar, from the capital of Ivory Coast, Abidjan.

The meeting, which will be held at one o’clock in the afternoon Sudan and Egyptian time, will discuss:
A number of agendas, most notably the activity report, the reports of the national teams “senior – Olympic – junior”, in addition to the financial report.

Members of the Sudanese Football Association Council are participating in the meeting via video technology from Sudan, Egypt and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the Secretary-General of the Sudanese Football Association, Magdi Shams Al-Din Al-Lawyer, confirmed that all procedures related to the meeting have been completed, and that the General Secretariat will send a link to the meeting to all members according to their whereabouts.

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