Traffic: Replacing Vehicle Plates Upon Renewal 


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The General Traffic Department has begun replacing the usual license plates of private owned vehicles with new plates upon renewing the vehicle’s license.

It has appealed to citizens wishing to replace their traffic plates to go to the nearest licensing center or traffic center in the state concerned, announcing the resumption of traffic operations in Khartoum State through the opening of new licensing outlets in the state to facilitate and simplify traffic procedures for citizens of the state.

The Police Press Office indicated that the General Traffic Department was reassured of the completion of all technical and administrative arrangements to resume traffic work in Khartoum State and Karari locality.

These offices will handle licensing vehicles in Khartoum State through the windows of the states, in addition to restarting the Karari Traffic Department to work on licensing vehicles for state and local citizens.

It also will be initiating the controlling of vehicles that were stolen from citizens and reported to the traffic system in addition to the efforts of the Traffic Department to remove all obstacles on the road to ensure the safety of vehicles. The Department said it will work to open new windows for traffic transactions and license issuance for vehicles in the locality.

It is noteworthy that the General Traffic Department, through its plans drawn up to promote and develop traffic work in the country, is working to facilitate and simplify all traffic procedures for citizens, as well as retrieving their vehicles that were stolen.

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