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Nada Al-Qalaa with Heba Al Muhandis: I will sing at Sudan’s wedding with the victory of the SAF

Sudan Events: Magda Hassan

The singer Nada Mohamed Osman, famous as Nada Al-Qalaa, said that she has been in a state of complete cessation from singing, concerts, and media appearances throughout the war, and she said yesterday in an episode of a podcast with the journalist Heba Al-Muhandis: If it were not for Heba’s goat, she would not have appeared.
*No politics
She said: I confined myself to supporting the armed forces and stopped any artistic works, and I accepted to appear as my goat, Heba, and because the entire interview goes to the heart of the matter and my approach.
Nada said that she has nothing to do with politics, and that her position now is not political, as she has remained supportive of peace.
* Supporting peace and ending the rebellion
Over the past years, Nada has been singing for peace and supporting it: I sang for peace in the Juba Agreement in the presence of Hemedti Hamdok and Salva Kiir, I sang for peace in the south and the west, and I sang to reject racism.
But the issue is different then, she is not supportive of the war, but even though it is the rebellion of the last person: the rapid support includes people from the homeland, but what is happening is a rebellion by foreign mercenaries, and as soon as the foreigners enter the war, I will not call for peace with them, but rather I call for the defeat of the last rebel, and my position will remain like this until the last rebel emerges. I will not watch and will not I applaud them.
*No neutrality
T. pointed out that this issue cannot be neutral, especially since it is linked to the honor of the daughters of Sudan and against rapists.
She said that the war targets Sudan, its people and its infrastructure. If it was against the army, they would have left the city, but it is a war in the homes of citizens.
She added that her support for the army has no limits and is not new.
The songs of passionate elegance provided her with a good basis for this approach.
*The value of the homeland
She stressed in her speech that Sudan will return to what it was, and markets will return with new features and homes will be rebuilt again with the unity of its people and people: everything will return, investment will return, and most important of all is that everyone knew the value of the country, particularly those abroad. The war made them aware to the value of their country’s soil and what happened. Target him.
*Come back and sing
Nada dreams of returning soon to her homeland: She longs for the return and the cleanliness of the streets, the chanting and the ululations.
This is our country, and Sudan’s wedding will be the victory of the armed forces over the rebellion.
We will celebrate in the streets and fill them with joy and singing.
She said, although her affairs are in order where she resides, her comfort is in her home: I am preparing myself for a soon return.
My comfort is here. It is not worth 1% of my comfort in my home.
She announced that the cleanliness of Khartoum would be for the women and they would be able to make it clean and beautiful.
She said that she had received many new lyrical texts that would appear at the appropriate time. Nada sang a new song from the words of the poet Wad Masih (Khartoum , You are Beautiful) ( Samah O Khartoum)The beginning of it says, “Give me decorations in Khartoum, and your army is circling around .”

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