Ukraine Drones in St Petersburg Gas Terminal

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An explosion at a major gas export terminal near the city of St Petersburg in Russia was carried out by Ukrainian drones, BBC News has been told.
The blast caused a large fire at the Ust-Luga terminal, but no injuries, Russian officials said.
An official source in Kyiv said the “special operation” of the SBU security service masterminded the attack, with drones that worked “on target”.
Both Russia and Ukraine have used drones in the current conflict.
Regarding the explosion near St Petersburg, regional governor Alexander Drozdenko said a “high alert regime” was in place after the incident at the terminal of gas producer Novatek, in Ust-Luga on the Gulf of Finland.
The Ukrainians say fuel processed at the plant was being used to supply Russian troops in their war against Ukraine and that this strike “significantly complicates” logistics for the military.
An eyewitness is heard saying the ground shook beneath his feet with the explosions.
The Russian Telegram channel Mash quotes a source saying they heard two explosions before the fire. The channel says around 150 staff were evacuated from the terminal.
Another video – posted on Russian social media – appears to show huge balls of orange fire, a man’s voice is heard referring to hearing the buzzing of a drone before the explosion., usually a reliable source, says flights in and out of St Petersburg had been grounded before the explosions, as a plan known as “Carpet” was put in place.
Russia’s defence ministry also said it shot down three Ukrainian drones in Smolensk Region, close to its border with Ukraine, on Saturday night.

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