Banning All Change and Service Committees

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Federal Minister of Government Mohamed Kartkila Saleh has issued a decision dissolving all change and service committees in all-over the country, which include volunteer resistance activists in neighborhoods and villages to help people during the war, while a number of change committees announced their opposition to the decisions.
The minister attributed the decision to the lack of security, political, economic and social stability and the lack of agreement between the political forces and to ensure the unity and safety of the country.
The decision included inventorying the assets and freezing the bank accounts of these committees, and the minister approved the decisions issued in this regard by some state governors and at the same time directed the formation of alternative management committees in villages, neighborhoods and markets, consisting of seven people who are not politically affiliated, under the supervision of local authorities.
The governors of North, Nile, Gezira, Gadarif, Kasala, Sinnar, White Nile, North and South Kordufan had previously issued decisions to dissolve the change and service committees.

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