Laporta: What happened at Bernabeu is a shame


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Barcelona president Joan Laporta strongly criticized the refereeing decisions in the match between Real Madrid and Almeria in the 21st round of the Spanish League.

The match witnessed 3 controversial decisions related to awarding a goal and a penalty kick in favor of Real Madrid, and canceling the goal that scored the Merengue goal.

Laporta said in statements highlighted by the Spanish newspaper “Mundo Deportivo”: “What happened at the Bernabeu (Real and Almeria) was a shame.”

He continued: “I believe that the arbitration panel must provide answers to a series of pressures that it faced during the current season with the referees.”

He added: “If they do not provide answers, they leave us in a great state of anxiety, because we will understand it as a failure to perform duties. In any case, we are happy that we won against Betis.”

He continued: “We feel that we are stronger and more consistent, but what we want is the presence of sporting rewards on the field. We are in a round during which we succeeded in reducing the point difference, but we did not reap the fruits of that due to a video technology decision.”

He continued: “We will recover the injured. Ter Stegen will return soon. We have players of excellent quality, such as Robert Lewandowski and all members of the first team in Barcelona.”

The Barca president continued: “I am very optimistic because I believe that we will get our reward, and that the competing teams will stumble, just as we stumbled at the beginning of the season.”

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