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Sudan: EU sanctions “blatant display of ethical imbalance”


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The Sudanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs has reacted to the announcement made by the European Union according to which it imposed sanctions on three Sudanese national economic institutions

The Ministry issued Press Release in which it described the EU action as “a clear and blatant display of ethical imbalance and a lack of justice” the move by the European Union on imposition of sanctions on three Sudanese national economic institutions and alleged three companies associated with the Janjaweed militia responsible for supporting activities undermining stability and political transition in Sudan.

The ministry added that the biased decision lacks the minimum standards of objectivity and fairness between the Sudanese Armed Forces, the national army defending the Sudanese people, their independence, dignity, and a terrorist militia committing genocide, ethnic cleansing, sexual violence, and terrorism. This was reiterated this week by the United Nations experts’ report monitoring the implementation of Security Council Resolution 1591.

It referred to the report by the United Nations experts’ which provided sufficient information about those threatening the stability of Sudan and the entire region, committing war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocide, or assisting in their commission, including partners and allies of the European Union.

“It was expected that the European Union would shoulder its political and ethical responsibilities towards international and regional peace by pressuring those involved to cease the supply of weapons, mercenaries, funding, and media support to the terrorist militia.”

The ministry pinpointed that, Instead, the EU chose to hide behind the pretext of neutrality between what it calls “warring parties,” despite there being no neutrality towards genocide, ethnic cleansing, sexual violence, and targeting of war refugees and escapees.

“The approach of targeting national institutions, especially three economic ones, will not contribute to achieving peace but will reward the aggressor, turn a blind eye to their violations, and underestimate the victims. Justifying the targeting of the three economic institutions by their affiliation with the armed forces is perplexing and condemnable. The right and duty to defend the country require the armed forces to seek self-sufficiency in defense equipment, and all laws guarantee the right to self-defense, “the FM press release underlined.

The release said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs emphasizes that Zadna Company is a leading national company seeking to modernize the agriculture sector in Sudan, achieve food security, and encourage the private sector and entrepreneurs to invest in agriculture as the primary tool for achieving sustainable development and social justice in the country. How does this contribute to undermining stability and political transition?

“The Sudanese people and their armed forces will triumph in the battle for dignity to protect their country, independence, unity, and resources. Those who stood against them in this battle will realize the true extent of their loss.” The release concluded, Tuesday.

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