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Dr. Khaled Al-Mubarak: This Movie to Be Supported and Appreciated 


Khartoum – Sudan Events

Under the title (A Sudanese Film Directed by Sarah Suleiman), Dr. Khaled Al-Mubarak wrote that Professor Fadwa Abdel-Rahman Ali Taha delighted us by presenting a cultural event at the Creativity Cinema, the Egyptian Opera House in Cairo. Sudanese displaced by the war met with pioneering Egyptians to watch the film: Heroic Bodies, directed by pioneering Sudanese director Sarah Suleiman.

The movie is derived from a long study on “body politics in the Sudanese feminist movement,” and it presents the customs and traditions that violate the body of Sudanese women.

This movie represents a bold qualitative leap in the struggle of Fatima Ahmed Ibrahim and the girls of her generation. It has parallels in the work of the academic and activist Dr. Ishraqa Mustafa Hamed (who lives and works in Austria) and documents Sudanese women’s resistance to oppression. Dr. Ishraqa Mendy; the Kordofanian who led her people in the struggle after the killing of her father, the chieftain ( Sultan ), by the colonizer. There is also, in the field of literature, Sanaa Jaafar’s novel House of Daughters of Umdah Son ); (!Housh Banat Wad Al-Umdah,” which was discussed in the novel forum run by Professor Mohamed Al-Khair Hamed.

This is a detailed novel with an anesthesia-free presentation of unspoken issues such as marital infidelity, the status of the descendants of former slaves, homosexuality, and coexistence between Muslims and Copts.

It is not without its shortcomings, but it will enter the history of the Sudanese novel and the history of women’s struggle against oppression.

It is not a coincidence that it was not published inside Sudan, like the film Sarah Suleiman, which Professor Fadwa appreciated.

The reconstruction of Sudan in the post war (frustration) will not be limited to the economy, agriculture, and politics, but will include women’s issues and their role.

In Sarah Suleiman’s contribution, we have a starting point worthy of pause and appreciate.

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