Mashad Condemns Attack on Babanusa


Sudan Events – Follow-ups

The Human Rights Observatory of Youth for Darfur (Mashad) has condemned the attack launched by the Rapid Support militia on Babanusa in West Kordufan fan state.

The Mashad Observatory said in a press statement, Wednesday, that the repeated attacks by militias on civilian urban areas and terrorizing their people represents a blatant violation of human rights, and proves their crimes of terrorizing defenseless civilians.

The Observatory held the militia leaders and their supporters fully responsible for all violations committed against civilians, and stressed the need to put a decisive end to and deter their barbaric actions.

The Observatory called on all human rights actors and the global humanitarian conscience to take immediate action to protect civilians in Babanusa, and to work to provide safe havens from the atrocities of militias that do not take into account the humanitarian situation.

It is noteworthy that the Sudanese Armed Forces responded on Tuesday to the attempts of the Rapid Support Militia to enter the city of Babanusa in Western Kordofan.

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