Minawi Foils its Plot

Al-Ahdath Reveals French Organization Workshop Corridors

Cairo – Special Events

Well placed sources have revealed in a statement to Al-Ahdath what was going on behind the scenes of the workshop, called for and organized Tuesday, in Cairo, by the French “Pro-mediation” organization, funded by the UAE to serve the RSF interests.
The story began with the organization inviting some armed movements to a workshop to discuss with them the situation in the city of El Fasher and the possibility of a local ceasefire and the establishment of a joint committee between the armed parties in Darfur to reduce local tension and coordinate between them.
The sources added that the organization bypassed the head of the Sudan Liberation Movement Army, Minni Arko Minawi, and invited Lieutenant General Jumah Mohammad Haqqar, the commander-in-chief of the movement’s forces, for the purpose of widening the differences between Minawi and the commander of his army, which led Minawi to callo Haggar, accusing him of going beyond his powers stipulated in the movement’s constitution.
The sources added that Minawi also made a phone call with officials in the organization, inquiring about why it did not invite him, but extended an invitation movement and not extending an invitation to him, accusing the organization of implementing the RSF plan that aims to split the unity of the Sudan Liberation Movement.
The movement held a meeting to discuss the invitation and the approach which was followed. The discussions led Haggar team to participate with two representatives after amending the advocacy agenda from Darfur to the Sudanese crisis in general, in order to avoid the movement’s division after Haggar’s response to the organization and the rebels.
The sources confirmed that Minawi believes that the organization’s plan was aiming to declare RSF as a government in the Darfur region, but the city of El Fasher stands as an obstacle to this project, so the movement decided to participate in the workshop so that this separatist project can be confronted.
In meantime, the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM), led by Jibriel Ibrahim, boycotted the invitation submitted by the organization, saying it was suspicious.
Abdulaziz Ashar, a leader in the Sudanese JEM, confirmed that they informed the French organization of their categorical refusal to attend any events in which RSF is a party. For his part, the head of the Sudan Liberation Movement, Mustafa Tambour, said that his movement received an official invitation from the French “Pro Medation” organization to attend a workshop in the Egyptian capital, Cairo. But he refused to attend the workshop, and attributed the refusal to RSF’s participation in the workshop.
It is worth noting that the army issued a circular today in which it denied its participation in the suspicious workshop, stressing that it had not even heard of it except through various social media outlets in Sudan.

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