The Iraqi striker is the Top Scorer in the Asian Cup


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Iraqi star Ayman Hussein was the only top scorer in the Asian Cup held in Qatar, after he led his country to victory over its Vietnamese counterpart on Wednesday in the final round of the group stage.

Ayman Hussein scored two goals in the 73rd minute and “90+12” from a penalty kick, contributing to Iraq’s 3-2 victory and finishing the group stage with a full score (3 victories in 3 matches).

Ayman Hussein raised his score to 5 goals, leading the Asian Cup scoring charts, two goals ahead of Qatari Akram Afif and Japanese Ayase Ueda.

The following is the ranking of scorers in the Asian Football Cup held in Qatar:

1- Iraqi Ayman Hussein – 5 goals

2 – Qatari Akram Afif – 3 goals

– Japanese Ayase Ueda – 3 goals

4- 11 players share fourth place with two goals for each player: Jackson Irvine (Australia), Mehdi Qaedi and Mehdi Taremi (Iran), Takumi Minamino (Japan), Mahmoud Al-Mardi, Musa Al-Taamari (Jordan), Lee Kang-in (South Korea), Supachai Shaided (Thailand), Sultan Adel, Yahya Al-Ghassani (UAE), Uday Al-Dabbagh (Palestine)..

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