North Kordofan’s Budget Focusses on Rehabilitation

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The North Kordofan State Government Council has approved, in its meeting in the Council of Ministers Hall at the government secretariat in El Obeid, today, Thursday, the draft budget for the fiscal 2024, with a total estimated at more than (113) billion pounds, compared to the budget for the fiscal 2023, which amounted to 117 billion pounds.
The Acting Minister of Finance, Economy and Manpower, Abdullah Abdul Rahman Mohammed Khair, explained that the budget is unconventional, as it was prepared in accordance with state and federal guidelines and came under exceptional circumstances.
He added that the budget focused on specific activities and its spending priorities include directing resources towards supporting public security, water, health, people’s livelihood, purchasing commodities and services, and fulfilling workers’ compensation, which amounted to more than 65 billion, in which the compensation for the 7th months that were not paid during the year 2023 was accompanied, as well as focusing on projects. Continuous development and rehabilitation of what was destroyed by the war. He expressed his hope that the budget would achieve the desired goals.
In the meantime, the Secretary-General of the Supreme Council for Culture, Media, Youth and Sports, Acting Minister and official spokesman for the government, Abdul-Muttalib Abdul-Mutual, stated that the budget focused on four basic axes: security and sustainability of water services at the urban and rural levels, health services, both therapeutic and preventive, and people’s livelihood, in addition to workers’ compensation and the purchase of commodities and services.
He said that the budget addressed the size of revenues and various grants, adding that the budget is flexible and subject to amendment.

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