Jurgen Klopp: Manager to Leave Liverpool at the End of Current Season 


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German coach Jurgen Klopp announced in shocking news on Friday that he will leave Liverpool at the end of the season, that is, a year before the end of his contract with the club, which he has been supervising since 2015.

Klopp, 56 years old, justified his decision by saying to the Liverpool website: “The thing is that, how can I explain this, my energy has run out. I have no problem now. Obviously, I knew for a long time that I would have to announce it at some point, but I… “Fine now. I know I can’t do this job over and over again.”

Klopp’s announcement comes with Liverpool at the top of the Premier League after 21 stages, 5 points behind defending champion Manchester City.

The name of the former coach of Mainz and Borussia Dortmund will remain immortal in the history of Liverpool, after he gave him the English Premier League title in 2020 for the first time since 1990, and gave him the Champions League title in 2019 and reached the final twice with him also in 2018 and 2022, in addition to winning the English Cup (2022) and the European Cup. League (2022) and Super CupEuropean Championship and the Club World Cup (2019).

With Klopp announcing his departure at the end of the season, questions have begun to be raised about the identity of the coach who will succeed the German genius at the head of Liverpool’s technical management.

Four coaches stand out on the list of candidates:

1- Brendan Rodgers

2- Jose Mourinho

3- Xabi Alonso

4- Steven Gerrard

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