North Darfur Provides Ramadan Supplies to IDPs

Sudan Events – Nahid Oshi

The Acting Governor of North Darfur State, Al-Hafiz Bakhit Mohammed, has directed the Ministry of Welfare and Social Development to design projects during the emergency phase aimed at reducing the poverty rate, as well as the need to address the ministry’s partners of UN, International, and national organizations to help provide basic services including water, and health services along with reviewing of the social support program in all localities in the state to verify that support0 has reached the beneficiaries. During his visit Thursday to the Ministry’s headquarters, he indicated0 that the holy month of Ramadan is approaching, which requires the Ministry to prepare early by giving priority to supporting the displaced in shelter centers and camps with food supplies. In this regard, he revealed that the state government has obtained flour from the Darfur Regional Government, which is delivered to the shelter centers in El Fashir and the displaced hosting localities in the coming days.

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