River Nile: Large Reserve of gold, Reported


Sudan Events – Rehab Abdullah

The Director General of the Sudanese Mineral Resources Company Limited (SMRC) has told the leading mining companies in the River Nile State that the region possess large reserves of gold, noting that the state is one of the largest states producing gold and constitutes great support for the national economy, calling for more coordination in securing mining areas and headquarters and franchise blocks belonging to companies operating in the state.
He stressed the importance of coordination with the armed forces, other regular apparatuses, and state governments in securing mining areas and the headquarters of companies operating in the field.
During his visit to the headquarters of the 3rd Infantry Division in Shendi Locality (Friday), Mohammad Taher discussed the overall security situation in mining areas in the River Nile State, and reassured the Director General of Mineral Resources, accompanied by a number of directors of public administrations, about the conditions of the 3rd Infantry Division in Shendi Locality.
For his part, the Commander of the 3rd Infantry Division, Major General Hamdan Abdul Qadir Daoud, affirmed the alertness of the armed forces and their readiness throughout the state to secure citizens and the country’s mineral resources, and declared his full readiness for further coordination with the SMRC in the operations of securing the sites and headquarters of companies operating in the field of mining in the state.

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