Ministry: New Rules on Controlling Imports and Exports


Sudan Events – Rehab Abdullah

The Minister of Trade and Supply, Al-Fatih Abdullah, has revealed that his ministry has established new rules to tightly control the movement of exports and imports through the register of exporters and importers and control of commodities and merchandise through an inventory form at ports and border crossings. The minister confirmed that flour is a strategic commodity and is allowed to be imported from the proceeds of exports through the register of importers so that it reaches the consumer at affordable prices.
During his meeting in his office (Sunday) in the city of Port Sudan, he praised the governor of the northern state, Abdeen Awad.
With regard to the trend towards manufacturing industries and increasing the added value of agricultural products by reopening the Karima factory for canning vegetables and fruits and starting to rehabilitate slaughterhouses for slaughtered animals in the state, he stressed the importance of preventing cross-cuttings in tasks and specializations and the importance of activating border trade and benefiting from the state’s location through the border crossings.
The Governor of the Northern State called for the necessity of activating border trade with the Republic of Egypt and Libya, declaring the state’s readiness to sign a border trade agreement with the ministry according to the lists of commodities and quantities permitted by the ministry.

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